Storytelling is Storyselling

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Narrative Management Workshops for Wineries

Owner-Executive Level


Define and communicate your brand narrative effectively as a leader.

Determine your strongest brand stories.

Create a strategic plan of implementation.


Management Level


Using stories to inspire teams.

Implementing the brand story in all areas.

How to keep your stories and actions aligned.

How to measure effective storytelling


Team Level


Why and how stories work.

Defining your own credible story.

Understanding and amplifying the winery brand story bottle by bottle.

How to become a more effective storyteller and storyseller.

…and remember

Your Story Will Be Judged 

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Creating great winery stories is like those competitions where chefs
are all given the same materials and are asked to create a fantastic meal. 
If you don’t have a “biggest, longest, highest” point of differentiation… don’t worry.

The skill and judgement is in how you use your ingredients. What you consciously leave out, how you combine your chosen elements, what ingredients you focus on, and how powerful and yet nuanced the final dish is.

 You can do all this yourself, but you are already more than busy enough.  If you have a fresh outside perspective, you can move forward with greater clarity, faster, and more economically, with quicker returns. 

Profit from being a Powerful Story Brand

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