Power Up Your Winery Tours

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Unexpected delight is priceless, and something you can deliver on
— Seth Godin, Dec 12th 2016

Curating and Enhancing
Great Wine Tours

We have trained hundreds of tour guides and sales people professionally, set up winery tours, and bring a lifetime of experience to the task.  

Your guest should sit down ready to buy! A winery tour is not just 'hospitality' and it is not solely 'education.'  The winery host's primary function is to fully engage the customer and communicate why your brand story is memorable. Your winery tour should be set up from the foundations to illustrate why buying your wine, or joining your wine list, is something the guest will want to do.

We can devise and set up tours, also review and recommend changes, so your tours make you more money. We can train your hosts to make a bigger impact. It is not just what you say, but how you say it, and when you choose to say it, that adds power to your story.

  Profit from being a Powerful Story Brand.

Story is the glue of human social life - defining groups and holding them together
— Jonathan Gottschall - The Storytelling Animal

Contact VINFABULA to conduct a review of your existing tours program and to explore and define the possibilities.  Interactive training can be done at your site, and is most effective in that format.

info@vinfabula.com or colin@vinfabula.com