Audit The Power of Your Story

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Why Story Audit?

How strong is your story? The primary reason why a customer buys your wine over someone else's is due to how connected they feel to your brand narrative. These stories about who you are come from your people, your collateral, your customers, web site, e-mails, events, property tours, blogs, Instagram and other media, physical surroundings, decor, signage, and any place where the essence of “you” is communicated.

Because stories are proven to be the fast track to the customers heart, the consistent alignment and power of your brand story is absolutely crucial for a healthy profitable growing business. This is why a Story Audit is so important.

About The Story Audit

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  • First we consult with you on your goals.

  • Then we examine your business stories and story culture from a fresh perspective.

  • We look for blockages, areas to strengthen or align, story dissonance, and new story opportunities.

  • The report is solution orientated, includes observations, recommendations, and creative suggestions.

  • An in depth debrief interview is conducted upon submitting the story audit.

  • The story audit budget can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Get a fresh perspective that helps you profit and flourish by identifying, aligning, and implementing your most powerful stories.

Story Problems

Problems occur in a business when the core brand story is diluted, segmented, or has become contradictory over time. Some symptoms are listed below. If you have any of these, you should conduct a Story Audit.

Flat sales, slow growth, operational discord.
New ideas generated and implemented that tend not to stick for long.

Ask three different staff members what your customer purpose is.
Do they answer exactly the same, using the same language?

Can everyone in your business make independent business decisions correctly
based on your core identity story?

Do you know precisely what challenge/dilemma/fear/problem/discomfort
your story solves for your customer?
— VINFABULA - 2019

Profit from being a Powerful Story Brand

Contact VINFABULA to discuss how a fresh perspective and story audit can amplify the power of your story.